Colin Owens: Teaching 2006-2014

I taught and developed curriculum for undergraduate and graduate programs.

I taught at four institutions for a total of eight years, including: Rhode Island School of Design, Mass Art, Emerson College and Lesley University.


Design for Dynamic Media

I created and taught a popular course for the undergraduate program at Rhode Island School of Design. Students learned programmatic structure and product design.

Visual & Systems

I taught visual systems at Rhode Island School of Design and at Lesley University. Students studied, mapped and developed patterns, learned how to design in visual systems, and developed final projects that explored structure and user behavior.

Sound & Image

I created and taught a graduate class that explored the intersections of sound and image.

Senior Studio

I taught the Senior Studio course at RISD.

Information Architecture

The course taught students how to discover, organize and visualize data. They used the data they developed create a mobile app to sort, select and view records.

Foundation Drawing & Programming

I taught two introductory classes, one for drawing, the other for programming. The courses were surprisingly similar.

Colin Owens